Why cloudnine

Three Generations of Caring for Seniors

Our grandmother (left) and one of her beloved ladies. Circa 1949

[Our grandmother (left) and one of her beloved ladies. Circa 1949]

cloudnine- unofficially began in the 1940’s when our grandmother, a retired nurse, opened her home to elderly women who needed extra love and care. She cooked healthy and delicious meals, often with vegetables straight out of her garden. (She was organic before organic was cool!) 

Only the Best

Our grandmother preparing a Thanksgiving turkey.

[Our grandmother preparing a Thanksgiving turkey.]

She bought the finest linens, laundered with care, line-dried and crisply ironed. We’ve heard that never before has a bed felt as good as one made by this sweet lady! Growing up watching her work, we quickly understood how important it was for the ladies to feel loved, special, and well-taken are of.

Today, we are following in her footsteps! We practice the care-giving traditions and values she taught us, and like Grandmother, we find no greater joy than that of giving care to our clients.

Grandmother’s Standards Still Apply to Our Caregivers

caregiver helping mom with range of motionThe cloudnine agency only hires caregivers who meet the standards of care that Grandmother set in her work. Our caregivers often have years of experience and CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) educational training. They are screened through a national background check and then required to pass in-depth industry skills and knowledge tests, along with a personality trait assessment.

We don’t stop their training there! We want our caregivers to be at the top of their game, and have periodic additional in-service training.

But what really has our caregivers standing apart is their patient, compassionate attitudes. They truly care about our clients and enhance their lives through genuine love and empathy. Our caregivers are second to none in delivering the very best care available.