How Should I Treat Mom Now That She Is Older?

As our parents enter their golden years, everything might not be as “golden” for them. Many things can change such as memory, level of patience, personality, and health needs. You may be struggling with how to treat an aging parent.

Often family members notice that their elderly parent’s personality is the first to change. They may not be as flexible and open-minded as they once were. Their patience with young children may have lessened. Their acceptance of noise may have decreased.

Today, we wanted to share with you a few helpful tips about caring for your elderly parent:

  • Try to “walk a mile in their shoes”
    • Many seniors may feel something is wrong with their memory or personality, but can’t understand why or what is causing this frightening change
  • “Let it go” – if possible, let go of past wrongs, small rifts, and arguments
  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff”
    • As our mom’s age, many things that once were important to them are no longer even a blip on their radar
  • “Forgive and forget” – during these last years of their life, try to forgive past transgression – it will lighten everyone’s emotional load

At the cloudnine Agency, our caregivers are trained to work with elderly and their unique personality changes, may they be for better or worse.

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Note: This information is general in nature. It should not be construed as professional medical, financial, legal, or tax advice. You should work with your healthcare provider, financial, attorney, or tax professional to determine what will work best for you and your parent’s situation.

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