Independent Lifestyle

Remember that home really is where the heart is.

At cloudnine, we believe that our senior loved ones can live the happy, healthy, and independent lives they want and still be in their homes. Our caregivers work with our clients to build in activities that will keep them living as long and independently as possible. These include:

  • healthy and delicious meals
  • physical and mental exercises and activities
  • social ties
  • sense of purpose and peace

Cloudnine’s care philosophy is built not just on the values we learned from our Grandmother, but also studies that demonstrate how only one-third of our health longevity is based on genetics, where two-thirds, yes two-thirds are based on lifestyle factors! And these lifestyle factors are within our control!

Having your loved one keep up good physical health, cognitive awareness, and inner calm is at the forefront of our care. Our caregivers are skillfully trained, and at cloudnine, we offer comprehensive senior care solutions that emphasize both our clients’ minds and bodies which help our clients live longer, happier, more joyous lives. We want what you want—for your loved ones to remain in their own homes for many years to come.