Parents Memory Fading


Sep 2018

Symptoms of Dementia

  Is your loved one repeating themselves or forgetting things they usually wouldn’t? It can be difficult when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia. But what if you’re unsure? “Does my loved one have dementia?” may run through your mind. Today, we will look at the most common signs and symptoms of dementia. Memory/Cognitive Forgetting everyday tasks: Is your mom forgetting to take care...

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Apr 2018

I Want To Know: Is Dementia Hereditary?

Many people over the age of 50 are fearful of memory loss and for a good reason. According to studies, dementia may or may not be hereditary. According to Professor Nick Fox, Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the Institute of Neurology in London, it depends on what causes dementia: “The majority of dementia is not inherited, but this depends very much on the particular cause of dementia. Some (rare) causes of...

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Dec 2017

Steps To Take When Your Parents Memory Begins To Fade

You may have found your loved one’s memory slipping in regards to their self-care needs. Seeing them forget their daily task can be heartbreaking to watch. But what can you do?   Memory loss is not always a sign of Alzheimer’s. It could be due to anxiety, depression, medication side effects or an unknown medical condition. Make sure to let their doctor know about their...

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