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Take a look at what some of our treasured caregivers have to say about working with us.

“I was listening to one of our clients daughters who was telling me how running gives her such a high-releasing endorphins into her blood stream.  I get that same feeling of joy from giving care to this amazing senior population.  Elders give me a “shot in the arm”, it’s always been like that. From getting to hang out with the sweet friends of my grandmother when I was growing up…to being a CNA at a nursing home while I worked through college.  This work speaks to me and my being.  It feeds me and keeps me happy.  Lucky is exactly what I am; doing for a living what I love so much.”

-Julia, Owner

“When I first started in the world of caregiving, it was in a facility setting. I loved the feeling of helping those folks with things they couldn’t do for themselves. It was rewarding, but I found there was never enough time in the shift for all the needs of the residents. Especially just being able to sit and listen to their many grand stories. When I found cloudnine on a web search, I knew by what that I read that it was the type of caregiving that I’ve always wanted to give. I’ve never worked for a company that really cared about their employees the way that cloudnine does, not to mention the senior compassion and deep devotion to making an absolute difference in the lives of each and every client we have. It’s very obvious I’m where I belong and where I’m needed.”

-Dana, Caregiver Supervisor

“My experience with cloudnine has been exceptional. It has been exciting to see how much it has grown over the last few years and how many lives have been touched, both for the client and the caregiver. Julia is someone who without a doubt will shower you with love, concern, happiness, compliments and is always positive. She is a great asset to the company and the community.

“I have enjoyed and learned so much from every client I have worked with. I love meeting a new clients and hearing all the stories of their life. It becomes such a joy to take care of these people when you see the old photographs and hear the tales that have created their lives. We all live such rich lives and when we share our experiences with others young or old, we leave making each other’s a little richer. Thanks cloudnine!”


“My name is Haley, and I have been a Home health caregiver with The Cloudnine Agency for almost five years now. To say that the type of work that I do is rewarding is an understatement. It is much more than just that. It is a combination of many things including: educational, uplifting, enlightening, at times challenging, fulfilling, and overall purposeful. To wake up each day knowing that no matter which client you visit you will be welcomed by them with joy and gratitude is such a wonderful feeling. Not every day is the same, but every day is a learning lesson, on how to be not only a better caretaker, but a better person as well. It is a slow dance of give and take, giving each of them whatever it is that they need to live a happier and healthier life and in turn taking all of the wisdom each one of them have to offer…which  is truly a wealth!!!

“Their lives may not be quite as fast paced as they once were, but throughout this day to day journey that I have embarked with them, I have listened to their life stories unfold and there is not a moment that goes by, that I am not utterly amazed by the remarkable lives each of them have lived, and incredible accomplishments each of them have achieved.

“I am humbled by the compassion that is shared as I interact with not just a client but a friend. I am also blessed to work with such an incredible group of caregivers, administrators, and everything in between. I am currently working on both ends within the company and enjoy working one on one/nurturing our diverse clientele, just as much as I enjoy nurturing and educating all of our awesome caretakers – so that they too may have the confidence to encourage, uplift, and overall feel at home!! Cloudnine is truly defined within its name and has been a wonderful company to work for!!”

-Haley, Home Health CNA/Administrator

“As a caregiver I truly believe in first class service. I have always cared deeply for my clients and give quality care from the time the call for the intake process to the day to day care that allows the loved one to know your client/family member or friend is safe at home.  The cloudnine caregivers always go above and beyond to give the very best service possible. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work for than The cloudnine Premiere In-home Care Agency.”



“Working with Cloudnine has been such a great experience. The staff is amazing and easy to get along with. They make you feel appreciated and recognize you for your hard work. I love all the clients we work with. I love being able to help and take care of someone in need. Everyday is a wonderful experience working with our clients.”


“I work in home care because I get great joy out of serving seniors. I am currently in nursing school and taking care of seniors is a great experience and privilege. I wanted to work somewhere that I could make a difference in peoples lives, and I knew cloudnine was that place. Cloudnine is different from any other place I have worked. In the 6 months + that I have been employed at cloudnine, I have come to know that it is truly a company that cares for its employees and clients and are behind you 100%. The other places I have worked are task oriented and don’t really care about the relationship that needs to be built, but cloudnine knows that companionship is just as important. That’s what truly sets them
apart from anywhere else. Overall a wonderful company.”


“Cloudnine has allowed me so many opportunities, not only to work, but also to meet some of the most important and influential people of my life, my clients. Every day that I work I am surrounded by clients who change my life in so many ways. Throughout the last year and a half that I’ve worked for Cloudnine, my clients have made my job nothing short of rewarding. I’m not biast when I say that we have some of the happiest, kindest, and warm-hearted clients I have ever met, it’s the truth. They make working this job so effortless and easy, and I look forward to being at my job each and every day. Cloudnine has been so flexible with going to school and being a single mother, the company and the clients have been so encouraging and accommodating to me furthering my career and my education. I love working for a company where people want to be constantly updated on your life and are always there to celebrate your achievements. It feels like since I’ve been with this company I have gained an enormous group of people who feel like family. I don’t think you can call it work when you love what you do and you love who you are surrounded by every day! Thank you.”


“I have enjoyed my employment with The cloudnine Agency very much.  Working with our clients in their homes really affords the time to get to know them.  I love to listen to their stories about their amazing lives.  Looking through old photos with them is always a joy.  I have learned a lot as a caregiver about how to help our clients that have dementia.  It has been very important knowledge to have when working with cloudnine.  The families are always so grateful for our help.  The staff here are great.  They are compassionate and caring and very supportive.  Thank you for the opportunity Cloudnine!”


“I have experience working in both the Assisted Living and group home settings. I really enjoy helping people and now that I am working for cloudnine, I have found that I love helping and working with all the clients even more. It has been rewarding being able to work more closely with the clients and being able to get to know them.  What I’ve really enjoyed is the opportunity to become their friend, not just a caregiver. The administrative staff are all awesome—they not only care about their clients but they care about their staff equally. I have been blessed not only with an awesome job that I hope to retire from but with an extended family too. If the day ever comes that myself or my family need extra help they will be there to help us as well!”


“My Name is Lucile and I have been working several years for Cloudnine. I am very proud to be a member of this fantastic team. Cloudnine  only sends in to their clients homes very kind, caring individuals, that really listen to what you have to say and what your needs my be. Their staff is very highly skilled in what they do, so you can be sure of receiving quality service. Another important aspect of Cloudnine is that they stay in very close communication with the family. I recognize that every human being has personal rights and I  try to respect and not violate  my patients rights and privileges.  I try to give my patients care with safety and happiness being extremely important to me. I Love my job, because I try to make some ones day better in any way I can. I get the blessings from knowing I have helped some one  be more comfortable and happier on the days that I am with them.”


“I have worked for almost a year and I really enjoy our clients and that our administators can be versatile with our schedules. I do believe cloudnine administrators really care and want the best for all our clients.”


“I started my journey as a caregiver working in a facility. I wasn’t there for long, and I already found that it was difficult, not having the time to give the residents the attention they deserved. Working for cloudnine has been a great experience. I am able to spend quality time with my clients in their own homes and help to improve their quality of life. My clients and I have the time to really get to know each other when working one on one. This has helped me to better understand them and what they like to do, and really give them just what it is that they need.  We have the freedom to leave the house whenever we want and do activities outside of the home. In a facility, I never had this opportunity with my clients. It was when I started with cloudnine that I realized what I had been missing out on. The staff at cloudnine has been wonderful to work for; they are caring about their employees and their clients. I have grown close to many people, listening to their stories and growing with them.  I found a family with The cloudnine Agency.”


“Being a CNA for over 30 years and coming from the nursing home setting to The cloudnine Agency has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. With cloudnine, we get to spend so much one on one quality time with our clients. We are able to get them out in the community instead of them sitting home alone. If we have a client that is near the end of life, we are able to sit and comfort them by singing, talking, reading to them or just holding their hand so they are not alone and scared.”

-Brenda, CNA




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