5 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors


Winter is just around the corner.  There are many safety precautions your mom will need to be aware of this winter. Is your mom prepared?

5 Winter Safety Precautions

  1. Have an Emergency kit: You can find a list of some items you will need for an emergency kit here. Emergency kits would be great or snow storms that could knock power out (Add a couple of blankets and hand warmers to your kit for winter time)
  2. Avoid Seasonal depression: Having a caregiver and companion with your mom each day can help her to avoid winter depression.
  3. Dress warmly: Dress for warmth each day and have a super comfy blanket for use at home
  4. Avoid slipping on ice: Make sure your mom has shoes with great grip, it’s much harder for seniors to recover from a fall than for someone younger.
  5. Car Care: Make sure to have your mom’s car serviced before winter is here to make sure everything is ready for winter.

It is always best to be prepared instead of wishing you had been. Safety is most important, don’t forget to ask for help!


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